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Discover the elegance of Longines

As an official dealer of Longines, we are proud to present you with an exquisite selection of timepieces that stand for precision, elegance and tradition.

For more than 185 years, Longines has stood for outstanding watchmaking and timeless beauty.

We look forward to presenting the new Longines models to you in our store.


Regulärer Preis 2.490 €
Verkaufspreis 2.490 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 704 €
Verkaufspreis 704 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 620 €
Verkaufspreis 620 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 2.350 €
Verkaufspreis 2.350 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 4.950 €
Verkaufspreis 4.950 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 3.596 €
Verkaufspreis 3.596 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 2.226 €
Verkaufspreis 2.226 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 880 €
Verkaufspreis 880 € Regulärer Preis


Regulärer Preis 1.598 €
Verkaufspreis 1.598 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 1.578 €
Verkaufspreis 1.578 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 2.870 €
Verkaufspreis 2.870 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 1.660 €
Verkaufspreis 1.660 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 910 €
Verkaufspreis 910 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 1.497 €
Verkaufspreis 1.497 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 1.334 €
Verkaufspreis 1.334 € Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis 1.416 €
Verkaufspreis 1.416 € Regulärer Preis

Authorized dealer

Longines is a renowned Swiss watch brand with a rich history. With an impressive variety of collections, Longines embodies timeless elegance and brings Swiss watchmaking tradition to the modern world.

In Glashütte, Nomos watches are manufactured in the unmistakable Bauhaus style. Together with a manufacturing quality that is unparalleled in this price segment.

Tissot, a manufacturer with a long history, still impresses with a great variety of watches.

Watches from Maurice Lacroix are a statement. They are characterized by special design, high-quality movements and impeccable workmanship.

The perfect watches for everyday life. Whether at school, in the office or in use with heavy equipment: Casio watches are suitable for all purposes.

Fashionable watches for him and her, reflecting the design preferences of the Italian fashion house.

When you look at the jewelry from Marco Bicego, you quickly notice how much attention to detail the manufacture creates its jewelry. From satin gold to colorful gemstones, Marco Bicego has the right gem for everyone.

It's no secret that Daniel Wellington watches have achieved worldwide success. The reason? Minimalist design and a distinctive look.

High-quality jewelry and noble design are combined at Crieri. The Italian manufacturer inspires with stylish creations and that certain something.

When talking about grandfather clocks, the name Erwin Sattler is most likely to come up. Based in Munich, the manufactory is known for highly refined grandfather clocks, table clocks and wall clocks.

Looking for a reliable wristwatch for every day, Festina is a manufacturer that has the perfect watch for many in its range.

Handmade jewelry from Fiore is not only high quality workmanship, but also captivates with a design that will be remembered forever.

In search of jewelry, Gimor is an address that should by no means be left out. Attentive to detail, the manufacturer has always made its jewelry in Italy.

Junghans was once the largest watch manufacturer in the world. In the past, as today, the manufactory is characterized by distinctive watches in classic style.

No compromises should be made when it comes to jewelry. This principle is also followed by the Italian jewelry manufacturer Moraglione, which knows how to impress with unique creations.

Glashütte is the undisputed watch center of gravity on the German watch map. It is also home to the Mühle Glashütte manufactory, which has been producing wristwatches and nautical instruments since 1868.

Founded in 1986 on the island of Elba, watch manufacturer Locman combines Italian flair with modern design in its watches.

Calvin Klein watches are the perfect accessory when it comes to completing an outfit.

The Italian manufacturer Misani has made it its business to create the finest pieces of jewelry, which can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

A Rado is recognizable as such even from a distance. Known for its pioneering work in the field of ceramic watches, Rado has long since made a name for itself in the industry.

Sector's rugged and reliable watches are not only visually appealing, but also offer excellent value for money.

Probably one of the most famous watch brands in the world, Seiko has always built watches that have a worldwide following both mechanically and visually.

In addition to conventional watches, the Danish-American manufacturer also offers smartwatches that are not recognizable as such at first glance.

The Swatch has always been an icon. Launched at the time as a bailout for the ailing Swiss watch industry, the Swatch has gone on to become one of the best-selling watches in the world through countless unique designs.

Using particularly high-quality materials and manufacturing techniques, the Italian manufacturer Ticchi produces masterpieces in the field of jewelry.

For individualists who want to go their own way. Trollbeads offers a huge selection of shapes and elements that can be used to create a unique piece of jewelry.

Jewelry from Utopia is not only particularly high quality workmanship, but also fascinates with a design that will retain its charm for all eternity.

Looking for a fashionable wristwatch with Italian design, it is worth taking a closer look at Armani watches.

Jeweler, goldsmith and watchmaker V. Gasser in Bruneck & Sand in Taufers

In 1873, passion has become more than just a profession. Watches and jewelry are passions that we have been privileged to share with you for almost 150 years.

V. Gasser in Brunico and Sand in Tures. We are jeweler, goldsmith and watchmaker in the heart of Brunico, in South Tyrol. With well-known manufacturers of watches such as Nomos, Junghans, Maurice Lacroix, Tissot, Seiko and Rado we know how to convince.

Our watchmakers in Bruneck take care of every timepiece with the utmost care and love in our own watchmaking workshop. With our long-standing team of three master watchmakers, we ensure that your timepiece always works reliably and precisely. It is our pleasure to offer you and your loved ones all the watches and jewelry that make life more beautiful. No matter if you are looking for a noble wristwatch from a renowned company or for a precious piece of handmade jewelry - we have the right thing for all occasions and every taste.

With colorful, varied and charming jewelry creations of the brands Marco Bicego, Fiore, Polello, Pierduca, Crieri, Ticchi, WDG, Utopia, Gimor, Moraglione and many other brands we create memories for eternity. Likewise, through our in-house goldsmiths, we offer you the opportunity to realize yourself in a piece of jewelry according to your ideas. We manufacture jewelry such as wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets and much more according to customer wishes.

In addition to our three retail stores in Bruneck and in Sand In Taufers, we also offer you the possibility to browse our range from the comfort of your own home via our online store. Order online and have it delivered by value shipping or pick it up on site in our stores.

We are happy to advise you by phone, e-mail and in our stores in Bruneck and Sand in Taufers.

On our Instagram profile @vgasser1873 we regularly share the most beautiful watches and jewelry creations of our assortment as well as current new arrivals with you. Follow us on Instagram and be surprised again and again.