In our goldsmith's shop in Bruneck, we have been constantly striving for many decades to take care of your precious pieces of jewelry with great attention to detail.

We make your dream piece of jewelry

Sometimes it happens that even our large assortment of rings, chains and other jewelry do not meet your own imagination. In our goldsmith's shop in Bruneck we manufacture with great attention to detail high-quality and unique creations according to customer wishes.

Our goldsmiths design together with you your very personal piece of jewelry. From the sketch to the finished design. Whether silver, gold, platinum or with diamonds - you are free to choose. Our goldsmiths advise and accompany you through the entire process.

We make unique and noble engagement rings, wedding rings, christening necklaces and pendants, bracelets, earrings and much more.

Step 1

Your wish

Together we discuss your wishes and ideas. It is decided which material will be used. The budget is also determined. Then we submit concrete proposals based on your wishes and ideas. You can tell us your wishes on site, by e-mail to or by phone at +39 0474 555449. We advise personally and with passion.

Step 2

Idea & Design

After it is clear how the piece of jewelry should look like, we present you a sketch of the future piece of jewelry. Of course, requests for changes and suggestions can still be made. Every change will be discussed with you before the production starts.

Step 3


The production begins only after the sketch is completed and corresponds to your wishes. We start the manufacturing after your final approval and make sure that the made piece of jewelry is also according to your ideas.

The production of a ring takes about seven working days. However, the manufacturing time may vary and should be requested in advance if you are in a hurry.

Step 4

Collection or delivery

After completion, we invite you to a fitting and give it the finishing touches. Minor changes, engravings and size adjustments are possible.

Once you are satisfied, you can pick up your made jewelry and take it with you. Or we can send the jewelry directly to your home.


The ravages of time are everywhere and so even high-quality pieces of jewelry are not immune to certain signs of age. In our goldsmith's shop, however, we have all the know-how to restore your jewelry to its former glory.

In our goldsmith's shop in Bruneck we carry out the following repairs, among others:

- Cleaning and care of jewelry

- Sizing rings, chains and bracelets

- Soldering and welding of broken of damaged jewelry

- Repair of defective closures

- Setting stones and beads

- Bead necklace rewinding

- Gilding and rhodium plating

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Our goldsmiths

Jewelry of all kinds embellishes life and is one of our greatest passions at V. Gasser, not least for that reason. Two goldsmiths work passionately on the jewelry you bring into our store.

Repairs, modifications, up to complete own creations according to your wishes. We are always there for you for the realization of your dreams.

If you have a question, suggestion or request, please feel free to contact us.

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